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Overseeding Lawn Care Services

Every homeowner hates seeing patches in their lawn. Patchiness can make your lawn look ill-maintained and can even lower the value of your property if left uncorrected for too long. Patches in your lawn don’t only look bad—they can also leave your lawn vulnerable to everything from aggressive strains of weeds to grub and pest infestations.

Overseeding is a process that fills in patches in your lawn by spreading new grass seeds throughout your lawn. Overseeding can be used to correct targeted patches in your lawn and also as a crucial component to keeping your lawn looking lush and healthy. Our guide for beginners will help you learn a little more about the benefits of overseeding your lawn—and how TruGreen can help keep your lawn looking great this season. 

What is Overseeding?

Overseeding is a fairly straightforward process that involves introducing new grass seeds to your lawn to fill in areas of sparse grass or patchiness. As grasses mature, it’s normal for thin areas of grass to form in your lawn. Regular overseeding helps fill in these patches with new grass growth by encouraging and stimulating new germination. Over time, regular overseeding appointments can enhance the health of your lawn and keep your grass looking fuller and thicker throughout the year. Overseeding may also protect your lawn more effectively, as pests often have a difficult time burrowing through thick grass to lay eggs.

Benefits of Overseeding

Overseeding isn’t a new process—humans have been overseeding crop patches for hundreds of years to reinvigorate the soil and keep pests at bay. But is overseeding really worth the monetary and time investment? Overseeding your lawn comes with a host of benefits for both you as the homeowner and your grass.

  • Reduced lawn erosion: As grass grows, its roots can become compacted and intertwined. This system allows your grass to take in the maximum amount of nutrients, oxygen, and water from the surrounding soil while also crowding out weeds. Adding new roots to this netting through overseeding helps your lawn stay healthy and ensures that your grass has maximum access to the resources it needs to grow effectively and survive colder seasons. This strengthens your lawn and helps reduce instances of grass uprooting on your property.
  • A better-looking lawn: Most homeowners want their lawns to look full, lush, and green year-round. While some homeowners might attempt to correct the look of their lawn with fertilizer, the truth is that mature grass will naturally thin out over time. Overseeding introduces new sprigs of grass to your lawn—which helps enhance your lawn, especially when combined with regular lawn care treatments and preventative weed control. Overseeding can also enhance and even out the color of your lawn, which is important when it comes to maintaining the curb appeal of your property.
  • Reduces the risk of pests and disease: The best way to prevent pests like grubs, diseases like creeping charlie, and fungal infections like moss is to maintain a healthy lawn. Ensuring that your lawn is healthy and has the tools that it needs to fight back against invading animals and pests is the simplest way that you can keep your lawn looking great.

Overseeding helps fight off pests and disease because it helps your grass maintain a consistent length and thickness throughout your property. When grass is healthy and thick, pests have a more difficult time finding shelter from the elements and disease has less access to the nutrients it needs to reproduce. You can even blend grass types together to create a personal lawn that’s customized to fight back against some of your area’s most common pests.

  • Provides you with a natural way to enhance your lawn: Many homeowners try to avoid inorganic chemicals or herbicides on their properties. If you’re searching for a natural way to fight back against some of the most common lawn problems, overseeding may provide the answer. Though overseeding won’t cure your lawn of current diseases or eliminate pests that have already made a home in your lawn, overseeding a healthy lawn creates a natural, chemical-free barrier against future diseases and infestations.

When used as a part of a professional lawn care maintenance plan, overseeding can enhance the safety, health, thickness, and even the color of your property. This can mean less time and money spent on corrective treatments in the future—and more time spent enjoying the quality of your grass. 

How Does TruGreen Overseed Your Lawn?

TruGreen is a professional lawn care service provider—and our team is proud to provide homeowners with the overseeding services they need. Here’s what you can expect when you schedule your appointment for professional overseeding services from TruGreen.  

  • Healthy Lawn Analysis: TruGreen understands that the composition of your lawn is just as unique as your family. We start all of our new clients off with a personalized Healthy Lawn Analysis to ensure that our treatment will be successful and that you’re getting the best possible type of grass for your lawn. Your TruGreen technician will also try to determine the root cause of your thinning or patchy grass and suggest a treatment plan, if necessary.
  • You’ll receive a service summary: Your TruGreen technician will record the results of their Healthy Lawn Analysis and leave a service summary with you. Based on the type of grass that you have on your property and your local climate, your technician may recommend that you overseed in the spring or the fall for the best possible results.  
  • Overseeding treatment: When the ideal time to overseed your lawn arrives, you’ll receive a visit from a TruGreen professional technician to apply your new seeds. Your technician will spread seeds in opposite directions to ensure that your lawn grows in evenly when grass begins to germinate.
  • You’ll manage your lawn and help seedlings thrive: After your TruGreen technician leaves your property, you’ll soon see new sprigs of grass growing on your property. Be sure to nourish your lawn and keep your turf moist to get the most out of your new lawn growth.
  • A healthier lawn emerges: After new blades of grass become fully established on your property, you’ll enjoy a fuller and more lush lawn. Over time, weeds will be choked out, leaving you with less lawn work. 

Why Choose TruGreen?

As a homeowner, you want to be sure that only expert technicians work on your property. Why should you choose TruGreen to provide your overseeding services when there are dozens of lawn care providers in your area? Some of the benefits that come with working with TruGreen include—

  • Skilled technicians: TruGreen employs strict standards and criteria during their hiring process, and all TruGreen employees must finish training before they can work on your lawn. When you work with TruGreen, you can rest assured that only the best technicians will be performing services on your lawn.
  • Free and easy quotes: No one wants to choose a lawn care service provider only to find out that the company doesn’t offer quotes. TruGreen makes it exceptionally easy to learn about services, schedule your appointment, and claim a free quote online. Submit a bit of personal information about your property and the services you’re interested in, and instantly begin browsing packages and plan pricing. If online pricing isn’t available in your area, don’t worry—a TruGreen representative will reach out to ensure that you have access to the most accurate pricing information.
  • Satisfaction guarantees: Not satisfied with the results that you’ve received from your TruGreen treatment? TruGreen is committed to ensuring that your high standards are always met—which is why they’ll return as many times as needed to make things right when services performed fall short of what you want.

With an ongoing commitment to excellence, skilled technicians, and a host of affordable plans and services available, there’s little question why more and more homeowners are turning to TruGreen for all of their lawn care needs. 

Overseeding From TruGreen

If you’re sick of using pesticides or chemicals on your lawn to deal with disease and pest issues, now is the perfect time to consider doing things the natural way with TruGreen. If you’re interested in learning more about the team at TruGreen and our currently available plans, give us a call today at 877-349-9084.