Lawn Aeration Services

Every homeowner wants a lush, gorgeous lawn to complement their property. While most homeowners know that getting the lawn they want requires regular watering, mowing, and pest control services, many aren’t aware that proper soil aeration can also play a crucial role in creating the property of their dreams. But what exactly is soil aeration, why is it important to ensure that your soil is properly aerated, and which team should you choose to complete your soil aeration?

At TruGreen, we’re proud to provide you with a comprehensive range of aeration options and lawn care packages you can use to get the lawn you’ve been dreaming of. Today, we’ll teach you a little bit more about the basics of lawn aeration, why it’s beneficial to your lawn, and how you can get started with your first aeration appointment from an expert at TruGreen.

What is Soil Aeration? 

In order for plants and grass to grow, they need to get the right amount of water and nutrients in their roots. Plants absorb nutrients through your lawn’s soil—for example, when it rains, water seeps through your grass to the roots of your plants, allowing them to soak up the water and use it to grow.

In addition to water and nutrients from your soil, your grass also needs a steady flow of oxygen to its roots in order to grow effectively. Unfortunately, it can be difficult for your grass’s roots to get the oxygen it needs if your lawn and soil is compacted. Thatch, a heavy amount of foot traffic, or a thick layer of snow can cause your soil to become compacted, which makes it more difficult for your grass’s roots to get the nutrients and oxygen it needs. If you’re noticing brown or dead patches of grass in your lawn (especially after your soil has become compacted) your lawn might be in need of an aeration appointment.

Aeration is a process that breaks up your soil, which provides your lawn with a healthier flow of oxygen and nutrients to the soil. When a professional aerates your lawn, they remove strategic portions of soil throughout your lawn, which provides a healthier flow of air and nutrients into your grass’s roots. Most homeowners need at least one annual aeration appointment to ensure that their lawn stays healthy and green throughout the year.

What are the Benefits of Soil Aeration? 

Is aerating your soil really worth the time and expense? Yes, it is. Aeration provides a host of major benefits to your soil and your grass. Some of the benefits that come with aeration include:

  • Improved air exchange: After a tough season of winter weather or a full fall of playing outdoors with the kids, your lawn can become compacted. Compacted soil restricts air and nutrient flow between the atmosphere and your grass’s roots, which can cause your lawn to look dry or develop brown patches. Annual aeration improves the exchange of air flow between your soil and the atmosphere, which helps ensure that your grass can grow to its full potential.
  • Enhanced water intake: Like oxygen, water can have a more difficult time traveling through compacted soil. If the roots of your grass don’t have access to an adequate supply of water, you’ll notice brown patches forming in your lawn. Aeration helps improve the flow of nutrients and water from the soil to the roots of your lawn.
  • Reduces stagnating water: Have you noticed puddles of stagnating water pooling on your lawn? These puddles aren’t just annoying when you take your dog out in the morning—they can also create the perfect conditions for mold and other types of lawn funguses to take root on your property. In the summer season, standing pools of water can also quickly become a hotbed for mosquito breeding as well.

When your lawn is properly aerated, you’ll notice fewer stagnating pools of water forming on your lawn. This is because the enhanced air flow allows water to sink into your soil more effectively instead of sitting on top of your grass.

  • Reduces the possibility of lawn disease: Stagnating water isn’t the only risk that can be posed to your lawn. In addition to mold and mildew, unhealthy roots can also make your lawn more susceptible to turf diseases. Proper aeration ensures that your roots stay healthy and strong, which means less chances of dealing with lawn diseases in the future. Prevention is better than cure.
  • Improved soil resiliency: In addition to improving the health of your lawn, aeration also removes thatch and keeps your soil resilient to impact and damage. This also creates a buffer between your roots and the crust of your soil, which provides your grass with more resistance to periods of drought and heat stress. 

When Should I Aerate My Soil?

What’s the best time to schedule your appointment for soil aeration? The answer to this question might vary depending on the type of grass that you have growing in your lawn and your soil condition. We recommend removing a foot of soil from your lawn and taking a look at the condition of your lawn’s roots. If your grass’s roots extend only a few inches into the soil, it’s usually time to aerate your soil. Most homeowners find that their lawn needs to be aerated once per year.

There are certain types of grass and soil that require more frequent aeration. If any of the following apply to your lawn, you might want to schedule more than one appointment for aeration per year.

  • Your lawn sees frequent foot traffic: If your lawn is frequently stepped or driven on, your soil will likely be more compacted throughout the year. This typically means that you’ll need more frequent aeration in order to enjoy the full range of benefits provided by this service.
  • Your soil has a thicker layer of thatch: Some aggressive species of grass (like Kentucky Bluegrass) tend to develop thicker layers of thatch. Take a look at your lawn’s thatch—if you have a layer of thatch more than about ½ an inch thick, you might need aeration.
  • Your lawn is made up of heavy clay soil: Clay soils are thicker and tend to become more compacted and less conductive to air and nutrient flow. If you live in an area with heavy clay soil, you’ll need to take more care to ensure that your soil is properly aerated.

Now sure if your lawn needs an aeration appointment? Give the team at TruGreen a call today for more personalized advice and a free custom quote. TruGreen’s team of professionals receives individualized training based on your local climate and soil, and we only work with the best in the industry. 

How TruGreen Experts Aerate Your Soil

At TruGreen, we pride ourselves on providing you with a comprehensive range of solutions to all of your lawn care needs. Here’s what you can expect from our team when you schedule an appointment for soil aeration from TruGreen.

  • Get your custom lawn analysis: TruGreen’s team of expert lawn care professionals understands that the needs of your lawn might be completely different than the needs of a homeowner in a different state or even a few blocks away from you. We start all of our new customers off with a Healthy Lawn Analysis to ensure that aeration is the right solution to your problems. We’ll also consult with you to determine the best plan of action to keep your lawn looking lush and green after your aeration is complete.
  • Your lawn will receive a full core aeration: If our experts determine that aeration will help correct some of the problems you’re seeing in your lawn, we’ll set up an appointment for service. At your appointment, a train TruGreen professional will use the plug method of aeration to reinvigorate your soil. During this process, your technician will remove thousands of small plugs of turf, thatch, and soil from your lawn to promote airflow and nutrient absorption without causing more soil compaction.
  • We’ll consider whether your lawn requires overseeding: If your lawn is patchy, you could benefit from a combination aeration and overseeding appointment. Aeration creates the ideal conditions for overseeding and filling in patches of missing grass because a freshly aerated lawn can help new grass seeds take root more effectively. Your TruGreen technician will consult with you to determine if your lawn needs overseeding as well as aeration.
  • Your plugs will begin to break down: About one to two weeks after your appointment, you’ll see the plugs from your aeration appointment begin to break down. No need to sweep them up or remove them—these plugs of soil will seamlessly meld back in with your soil, and you can lawn and continue your property care plan as usual.
  • You’ll see new roots in your lawn: Soon after your appointment, you might see new white roots growing in your lawn. You’ll have a lush, full, and healthier lawn in no time, and you can now continue on with your custom lawn care plan.

Why Should I Choose TruGreen to Handle my Soil Aeration? 

With so many lawn care companies providing service across the United States, what sets TruGreen apart from the rest? Here are a few of the qualities that make TruGreen the best provider of core aeration services—and why you should trust us to tackle your lawn’s issues this season.

  • We only work with professionals: When it comes to correcting common lawn care issues, you deserve to have the job done the first time. TruGreen works with a full team of trained professionals and PhD agronomists to ensure that you’re receiving only top-quality care. When you schedule an appointment with TruGreen, you can rest with the peace of mind that comes with quality service.
  • Less time and money spent: Some homeowners believe that aerating their own lawn will save them time and money. However, the truth is that working with the professional team at TruGreen can actually save you both time and money in the long run. Our team has a professional suite of tools and products standing by to make sure that your lawn is corrected without being damaged.
  • You’ll have a guarantee: Every homeowner wants the perfect lawn on their property—and TruGreen is committed to working until you’re 100% satisfied with your results. That’s why we offer a Healthy Lawn Guarantee on all of our lawn care services. With a Healthy Lawn Guarantee, we’ll return to your property for as many subsequent appointments as you need to help your lawn reach its full potential. 

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