Lawn Care Services

Every homeowner wants a lawn that they can be proud of—a gorgeous, lush, green lawn that’s full of healthy grass. Getting a great lawn takes a lot of work. Unfortunately, not every homeowner has the time necessary to manage and provide all of the services their lawn needs on a continuous basis to stay healthy.

Thankfully, homeowners don’t need to manage their lawns on their own when they choose to work with TruGreen. TruGreen is a professional property care service provider offering the packages homeowners need to keep their lawns looking great without lifting a finger.

What Services Does TruGreen Provide in Its Package Plans?

TruGreen is a professional lawn care service provider that’s best known for its comprehensive range of lawn care packages and add-on services. No matter the needs of your lawn, there’s a package for every homeowner that chooses TruGreen. Browse a few of the company’s most popular services below to create your ideal lawn care plan.

  • Aeration: Lawn aeration is a process that improves the flow of oxygen and water between your soil and the atmosphere. TruGreen uses a natural aeration process that improves the health of your lawn without the use of harsh chemicals.
  • Overseeding: Is your lawn looking a little patchy or uneven? Patchiness can leave your lawn vulnerable to a plethora of weeds, diseases, and pests. TruGreen’s overseeding services fill in patches in your lawn, leaving you with lush green grass.
  • Fertilization: Like other plants in your lawn, your grass needs to be fed and nourished. TruGreen uses a unique slow-release fertilizer that ensures that your grass gets the nutrients it needs as the seasons change.
  • Pre-emergent weed control: Preventing weeds is better than spending weeks or even months using chemicals to get rid of them. TruGreen offers preventative emergent weed control applications that kill weeds before they can germinate and damage your lawn.
  • Targeted weed control: Already having a problem with weeds on your lawn? In addition to preventive treatments, TruGreen also offers corrective weed control services that kill weeds thriving in your lawn.
  • Grub prevention and control: White grubs are some of the most annoying pests that homeowners need to deal with. Grubs can come back year after year, feeding on the roots of your grass and destroying the health of your lawn. TruGreen offers comprehensive grub control and prevention treatments to keep these common pests away from your property.

In addition to the services included with your plan, you also have the option to add-on one or more of TruGreen’s a la carte treatments and services, including:

  • Soil amendment services: Soil amendment services ensure that your soil’s pH level is balanced and optimized to promote grass growth.
  • Flea and tick control: Flea and tick control helps keep your lawn safe from these biting pests throughout the year.
  • Mosquito control and prevention services: Mosquitoes can be annoying—and dangerous. TruGreen’s mosquito control and prevention services help you eliminate mosquitoes from your property.
  • Tree and shrub services: TruGreen doesn’t only provide you with lawn care services—they also employ a full team of shrub and tree experts that can help you manage other lawn accents on your property. 

TruGreen Lawn Care Plans

TruGreen offers a range of plan options in most parts of the United States. The best plan option for you will vary depending on where you live, the condition of your soil, and the specific types of grass growing on your property. Thankfully, the company’s diverse set of available plans has a fantastic option for every type of lawn.

TruComplete Lawn Care Plan

The TruComplete Lawn Care Plan is TruGreen’s most comprehensive plan option and is best suited for homeowners who want to get the most out of their lawn. The TruComplete plan includes:

  • One aeration service application per year
  • Fertilization services
  • Grub control and prevention treatments
  • One appointment for overseeding services
  • Pre-emergent and targeted weed control
  • Eight service applications per year distributed by a TruGreen professional technician

The TruComplete plan includes six general service visits, one aeration visit, and one overseeding visit. Your technician will contact you to arrange each appointment and let you know about which services you’ll be receiving.  

TruHealth Lawn Care Plan

The TruHealth Lawn Care Plan provides homeowners with all of the necessary, regular maintenance services that grass needs to stay thick and healthy. The TruHealth plan is best for homeowners who are looking to balance costs and the needs of their lawn. The TruHealth plan includes:

  • Fertilization services
  • Grub control and prevention treatments
  • Pre-emergent and targeted weed control
  • Eight service applications per year distributed by a TruGreen professional technician

The TruHealth Lawn Care Plan includes eight general service visits. The treatments applied during each visit will vary depending on the needs of your grass and the time of year when treatment is applied. 

TruMaintenance Lawn Care Plan

Already have a lawn that looks great? Want to keep your lawn healthy and green without spending all of your time outdoors? If you said “yes” to both of these questions, the TruMaintenance Lawn Care Plan might be right for you. The TruMaintenance plan includes:

  • Fertilization services
  • Pre-emergent and targeted weed control
  • Seven service applications per year distributed by a TruGreen professional technician

Each lawn care service visit on the TruMaintenance plan includes the fertilization and weed control you need to keep your lawn healthy. 

TruSignature Lawn Care Plan

If you’re a homeowner with grass, shrubs, and trees on your property, you’re probably looking for a one-stop-shop for all of your care needs. If this describes your situation, look no further than the TruSignature Lawn Care Plan. The TruSignature plan includes:

  • One aeration service application per year
  • Fertilization services
  • Grub control and prevention treatments
  • One appointment for overseeding services
  • Pre-emergent and targeted weed control
  • Tree and shrub care services
  • Eight service applications per year distributed by a TruGreen professional technician

The TruSignature Lawn Care Plan isn’t available in every county. Check with your local TruGreen team to make sure that this plan is available where you live. 

TruNatural Lawn Care Plan

The TruNatural Lawn Care Plan is TruGreen’s option for healthy, environmentally-friendly lawn care services. The TruNatural plan includes 100% natural fertilizer to enhance your lawn gradually over time without damage to the local environment. Instead of applying chemical products to your lawn, the TruNatural plan focuses on using organic methods to ensure that your lawn is healthy enough to fight back against weeds and pests on its own. The TruNatural Lawn Care Plan includes five annual visits from your TruGreen technician. 

Why Choose TruGreen?

With so many lawn care companies providing package plans, why should you trust TruGreen with your property’s needs? TruGreen is one of the country’s most trusted lawn care service providers—and TruGreen’s plans come with a host of advantages that can make your life easier. Some of the benefits you and your lawn will gain when you choose a plan from TruGreen include:

  • A custom Healthy Lawn Analysis: TruGreen understands that sometimes, narrowing down the issues your lawn is facing can be a major challenge. That’s why TruGreen starts all new clients off with a custom Healthy Lawn Analysis to create the ideal treatment for their individual lawn needs.
  • Professional lawn care service providers: TruGreen only works with trained, professional lawn care service providers. This helps ensure that you’re getting top-quality treatments each time you schedule an appointment with TruGreen.
  • Healthy Lawn Guarantees: Not satisfied with the results of your TruGreen plan? Thanks to TruGreen’s Healthy Lawn Guarantee, TruGreen will send technicians to correct your lawn as many times as needed to ensure that you get the results you’re looking for. 

TruGreen also makes it easy to get a quote and schedule your first appointment online. 

Choosing Your Lawn Care Plan From TruGreen

TruGreen offers customized pricing depending on the size of your lawn and your local climate. To claim your free quote from TruGreen, give our team a call today at 877-349-9084.

Benefits of Professional Lawn Care Services

Why work with a professional lawn care company? Getting professional services for your property doesn’t only save you time—it can also help enhance your lawn and protect your family. Let’s take a look at a few of the biggest benefits that you and your lawn enjoy when you leave these tough tasks to the pros.

  • Professional services help you avoid accidental damage to your lawn. If you’re like most homeowners, you probably think that maintaining a healthy lawn is as easy as the occasional mowing and watering. However, the truth is that most American homeowners aren’t sure what exactly their lawn needs in order to stay lush and green. According to research from the National Association of Landscape Professionals, about 32% of homeowners said that they weren’t sure how to correctly water their lawn, while 31% said they didn’t know what steps they needed to take to maintain a healthy lawn.

If you aren’t sure how to take care of your lawn, you might end up accidentally causing damage to your grass by overwatering, not fertilizing often enough, or overwatering. When you invest in a professional lawn care company’s services, you can rest with the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your grass is getting exactly what it needs to stay healthy.

  • Professional services prevent injuries. Lawn care can be physically exhausting and even dangerous if you’re an older homeowner. When you leave your lawn care in the hands of local professionals, you won’t be risking injuries while you take care of your property.
  • Professional services ensure that your lawn receives consistent care. No time to take care of your property on your own? Don’t let lawn care go by the wayside—instead, invest in professional lawn care services to keep your lawn looking great without the stress.

Maintaining your lawn isn’t only great for the look of your grass—it can also help improve your home’s value and your property’s curb appeal. If you’re thinking about putting your home up on the market, treatment from a professional lawn care company is an absolute must-have.