Where to Buy Sod

Before you can install sod for your home or commercial project, you must find the right source to buy it from. The right source means a knowledgeable, reputable sod dealer that will help you through the sod selection process.

Choose Local Whenever Possible

When people say choose local, they do so for several reasons.

The money you spend locally helps the local economy to grow. It minimizes the amount of travel, which is better for the environment. When you are talking about transporting a living thing such as sod, you are also minimizing the stress that it goes through. The less time that sod spends on a truck instead of on the ground, the better. Shorter transportation times also drop your costs.

Locally sourced sod will have established a relationship with the climate that it is going to be expected to grow in. Some sod has been adapted to be hearty and will grow nearly everywhere. Some is very particular about the type of soil, the amount of water, and the sun conditions that it can tolerate.

A local source is less likely to accidentally introduce a pest or invasive species into the area during shipment.

Finding Potential Sources

You might be able to buy from the local garden center if they sell sod. In some cases, you may have to order through their central ordering system and have it shipped to you. This will substantially increase your price and may also mean that you will have to wait until the order is available. Buying this way may also require that you buy a quantity that you do not need. You are also potentially eliminating some of the helpful information that you would get about the sod’s needs and after care.

A contractor might tell you where to get sod, however, most will be reluctant to share this information without being hired to do a job for you.

Use our estimates page to get free quotes from lawn care experts near you. Compare several and talk to them about your questions and concerns before committing to one.

Before You Buy

Sod is not a spur of the moment purchase. Most people do weeks or even months of research before choosing the right type of sod and then put in several days of prep work before the sod is even delivered to their site. If you are not at the purchasing stage yet, don’t rush it. Choosing the wrong type for your environment could be disastrous. Before you buy, take some time to protect yourself and this major investment.

Look at online reviews and complaints about every resource. Check the Better Business Bureau for any listings regarding local sod farms, which will also show any complaints that have been filed against them. You can do this with local contractors and other resources as well. One or two complaints are not terrible. Even the best companies in the world make mistakes from time to time, so take the time to really consider the complaints before making a decision one way or the other.

Talk to others in the area. A new housing complex is likely to have a few sodding projects going on. Talk to those people to see where their sod is coming from, prices they are paying, etc. It is a great way to introduce yourself to the neighbors as well.

Know the climate and the condition of your yard. Before you get prices from any resource, you should have accurate measurements. You will need this so that you are buying the right amount of sod no matter where you choose to buy yours. Remember, the price per square foot can vary by where you live and the type of sod you buy.

Know the pricing points. This can help save you from getting overcharged. There is nothing like being able to tell an unscrupulous person that the average price of sod is X cents per square foot. If you do not know, then you will never know if you are getting the right price or paying twice as much as you should.

Do not forget that delivery charges will increase your final price. The further the supplier, the higher the cost will be. You will also pay more per square foot for smaller amounts of sod than you would for a large order. Specialized sod will be the most expensive no matter where you buy it.