Lawn Care In Cary, NC

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Lawn Service: Cary

With over 61,548 households, Cary, North Carolina has a large number of homeowners with unique and challenging lawn care needs. Maintaining a green, healthy lawn in Cary is not a simple task. The Cary area is notorious for poor soil nutrient quality, which can cause your grass to grow thinner or make it more susceptible to common lawn diseases like brown patch and dollar spot. Cary residents might also see problems with soil compaction, which makes it more difficult for your grass to grow in during the spring season. TruGreen is a professional lawn care service provider in Cary, NC. Our team has been specially trained to handle all of Cary’s most common lawn problems. From breaking up your soil with core aeration services to improving the nutrient contents of your lawn, our team can help you bring your lawn back to its full potential this season. Cary, NC is characterized by hot, humid summers and moderately cold, wet winters. The best grass types are zoysia grass, bermuda grass, centipede grass, and tall fescue. The official state soil of North Carolina is Cecil soil. From fertilization and lime application in the winter to targeted weed control and tree/shrub fertilization in the summer, TruGreen PhD certified specialists have the expertise to give Cary residents a vibrant and healthy lawn every season of the year. And, our affordable lawn care plans come with a Healthy Lawn Guarantee®, which gives our TruGreen Cary customers confidence that when you purchase one of our lawn care plans, you will be satisfied with the results.
Lawn Services Offered in Cary:
  • –The Healthy Lawn Plan℠
  • –Healthy Lawn Analysis®
  • –Fertilization
  • –Weed Control
  • –Lawn-Feeding Insect Control
  • –Lawn Aeration and Seeding
  • –pH and Soil Analysis
  • –Disease Control
  • –Targeted Insect Control
Tree & Shrub Services Offered in Cary:
  • –The Healthy Tree & Shrub Plan
  • –Tree & Shrub Evaluation
  • –Fertilization
  • –Root Zone Fertilization
  • –Disease Control
  • –Insect Control
  • –Fall Dormant Oil
  • –Targeted Trunk Injection
  • –Winter Protection
  • –Trim and Shape
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Cary, NC

300 Dominion Drive, Suite 300 Morrisville, NC 27560


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Essential care for a lawn you’ll love. Slow-release fertilizer plus pre-emergent and targeted weed control provide year-round protection.


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Everything you need to live more life outside. Enjoy the greenest, healthiest lawn possible with this comprehensive plan, which provides essential nutrients, protection, organic soil amendments and lawn aeration.


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Superior care for a lawn you'll love. This advanced plan provides protection, essential nutrients and balanced soil to promote a lush, green, healthy lawn you won't want to leave.

Tree & Shrub

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Enhance the overall health and appearance of your property. TruGreen’s science-based tree and shrub services give your landscape the nutrients and protection it needs to thrive.

TruGreen Cary Reviews

David Waddy was polite and answered all my questions. He explained to me how the process would work, he introduced himself, and asked if I had any additional questions. The communication was fluent and, in the end, I felt good about what I had purchased. Regards, Dr. Jones
Micheal J. Google, November 2020 Micheal J., November 2020
My property lines are not distinct, so I was happy that TruGreen agreed to treat my lawn only when I am home, in case the technician who comes is not familiar with my property, I can then show what should, or should not be treated. They perform fertilization, weed control, aeration and seeding services for me. Philip Pearce, Durham, NC
Philip P. Google, October 2020 Philip P., October 2020
Very knowledgeable and hard working staff, they turned my wrench of a yard into almost brand new again. I normally have to tell my landscaper what i want done but these guys nail it without any direction so they are worth every penny! Do not waste your money elsewere!!
Aaron W. Google, December 2019 Aaron W., December 2019